Resident Engineers


Resident Engineers

Al Maria Technologies, Abu Dhabi (AMT) provides Resident Engineers to its customers for annual onsite engagements. These resources provide highly customized operational assistance to your organization. Bringing the most specialized skills in the industry to your company, the Resident Engineer focuses on all technical aspects of your Network and Systems. Because they work daily alongside your staff at your location, Resident Engineers become intimately familiar with your unique processes and requirements, your network’s specific configurations and challenges, and your staff’s strengths and limitations. Thus, your Resident Engineer can help you avoid many network issues before they arise—and is fully prepared to help resolve issues quickly when they do occur. The Resident Engineer also assists with deployment of Network equipment, post cutover activities, and day-to-day operations for larger networks.

Features & Benefits


Network troubleshooting and operations support

What we do?

Assists your operations staff with hands-on technical issues with your Networks

Your Benefits

Minimizes downtime and helps avoid end user service-level agreement (SLA) penalties

Inventory tracking and management support

Assists your operations staff with tracking and managing the network equipment inventory

Ensures consistent and accurate knowledge of all network assets and their locations

Testing of Network product features, functionality

Ensures that your Network equipment integrates and operates smoothly with equipment from other vendors.

Accelerates deployment and availability of new services

Developing standard network operation and equipment operating procedures

Applies a full understanding of best practices derived from customer experiences to prevent issues from arising.
Uses knowledge of your network to help develop and implement standard operating procedures and practices

Delivers unbeatable competitive advantage Optimizes value of high-performance networking to meet constantly evolving business environment


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