Configuration and Deployment

Configuration and Deployment Services



Whether you’re adding new equipment to your existing data center or migrating end users to the newest laptops, upgrading to new systems is a daunting task. A slight misstep in integrating hardware and software into your environment can cause major disruptions, unnecessary expenses and longer-than-expected installation Adopt a pain-free process that enables your organization to quickly integrate new IT systems. With careful preparation of custom plans, applications and hardware configurations, Al Maria technologies provides you with networks that are ready for use — so you can spend less time calibrating your infrastructure and more time doing business as usual. During deployment, our certified engineers follow a proven methodology and apply expert knowledge to lower costs, minimize downtime and reduce installation times. Simplify the process of taking your organization to the next level. Get the technology you need today with AMT Configuration and Deployment Services.
We currently offers these deployment services

New Data Center Deployment

Routing and Switching Services

Existing Data Center Movement

Network Security Services

IP Telephony Services

Asset Resale and Recycling

Application Load Balancing

Wan Acceleration

Network Monitoring and Management


The process of the deployment services includes