Opengear - Console Server

Environmental Monitoring

Monitor environmental conditions in your data center or remote sites before it’s too late.

  • Monitors temperature, humidity, and status of one contact/sensor (supports two contacts/sensors when connected to console servers with Classic pinout)
  • Displays current status and history in console server web-based UI
  • Works with Opengear console server to provide secure authenticated access
  • Option to maintain local or remote audit logs of temperature, humidity and sensor status


Opengear environmental devices provide monitoring and alerting solutions for an IT infrastructure’s physical environment. Detect changes in temperature, humidity, smoke and motion or the presence of water in data centers and remote sites. Set up automated response sequences through SMS, email or even Twitter through custom scripts. View the ambient temperature and humidity of a remote environment and set the device to automatically send progressive alarms if they rise – from warning levels to critical alerts. The EMD5000 also monitors the status of one or two external dry contacts, which can be connected to a smoke detector, water detector, vibration or open-door sensor giving enhanced visibility into your remote sites.

Our environmental devices plug into the serial ports on Opengear console servers and enables remote monitoring using a standard web browser. Alerts are sent via email, SMS and SNMP traps. Automated response sequences can be initiated by environmental trigger events. Reports can be accessed remotely using standard web browsers and data logged with time stamps.

Smoke Detector

Temperature Detector

Vibration Detector

Water Leak Detector

Humidity Detector

Motion Detector

Door Open/Close Detector