Opengear - Console Server

Opengear - Smart Out-of-Band Console Access

Next Generation of Console Access Solution by OpenGear! If a device has Console port, OpenGear Console Access Server can manage it because it is vendor independent!

Vendor Independent

OpenGear delivers a vendor independent solution for monitoring and controlling the infrastructure in your data center or remote site by supporting the widest array of network, IT and power infrastructure and vendors. Network, telephony, server, storage, power.

LDAP and rest of protocols

Supports Authentication protocols such as Kerberos, LDAPS, TACACS+, RADIUS, and RSA Two Factor Authentication

SMS Triggered 4G connection

The device is capable of accepting SMS through the 4G SIM which is already installed in all the units for out-of-band access. This feature is functional through customized scripts. Opengear units will perform specific actions based on the SMS received with pre-defined codes by customer. You can control SMS 4G trigger via specific source number or numbers.

Dual LTE/4G/3G Built-In Modems

No need to connect 4G/3G USB Dongles. Selected models have built-in Single or Dual cellular modems for either Out-Of-Band Management or to transmit regular data traffic as backup lin

Centralized Management & Monitoring

Centralized Management Server can manage & monitor up to 5,000 Console Access Server from single centralized location with centralized authentication, authorization and logging.

Key Logger

logs all the key strokes of a user when accessing the device for console access

Dual Power Supplies (AC / DC)

Selected Data Center units comes with dual power supplies. Both AC and DC power supplies are supported.

Web Terminal Access

he Console Access Server provides the access to all the devices connected to it via web based terminal access, helping connect via any device iPads & Mobile devices providing user friendliness and ease of access to the administrators.

Port Cascading

The feature allows one of the Console Switches to act as a master and the rest of the servers connected to the master act as slaves helping in managing and monitoring the servers from a single point.

Zero Touch Provisioning

Zero Touch Provisioning feature allows the administrators with the ease of a plug and play alike feature where new devices could be configured at basic level via a wizard.

Built-in Firewall

The Opengear appliances has a linux based built-in firewall.

Access Methods

The console appliances can be accessed via SDT connectors, Secure CRT and putty like software. Directly access serial ports over the GUI interface of Console Switch via Web Terminal SDT Connector can be used to access the devices connected serially to Console Switch as well as network host added to Opengear Console Switch • Serial ports can also be accessed over Putty or SecureSRT or SSHTerm

Sameday Hardware Replacement

UAE based GCC depo/stocking for sameday Hardware replacement along with providing 24*7 support to the GCC customers.

Military Grade Encryption

Opengear’s FIPS 140 -2 validated secure in-band and out-of-band management solutions ensure that IT and network services are always available, improving efficiencies and maximizing uptime.

RSA Two Factor Authentication

To provide authentication and hardening the security with Two Factor for Centralized Management Server Login.

Smart PDU & UPS Support

Authorized users have secure outlet control to power on, power off, and power cycle at the managed device level. Power metering and temperature monitoring are coupled with logging and alerts. And with auto-response, power issues can be automatically detected and remediated — before they become problems.

Built-in GPS Receiver

For your remote locations or mobile remote locations selected models has built-in GPS receiver

Authentication & Authorization

Configure each console port on the Console Access Server for authentication and authorization based on users and groups and add another layer of security and accountability in your network..

Customized Alerts via SMS / Email

Other than built in alerts and notifications, AMT team can script any form of alerts required to achieve business objective and deliver it via SMS or Emai

Fiber SFP

Data Center Units supports up to 40KM range fiber SFP

Syslog/SNMP Support

Alerts and traps generated can be sent across to a centralized logging servers including Syslog & SNMP

VPN Support with CMS (OpenVPN , IPSec , PPTP)

The devices have support for OpenVPN,PPTP & IPSec through which the communication between the central management server and the Console Switchs in encrypted and secured.

Bulk Provisioning

The devices have support for OpenVPN,PPTP & IPSec through which the communication between the central management server and the Console Switchs in encrypted and secured.

Built-in TFTP & FTP Server

The appliances come with built-in TFTP and FTP servers for storage of the configuration files and the IOS which comes in handy for bulk provisioning

DynDNS Support

With the feature of the DynDNS the appliances can be published and accessed from anywhere after providing authorization credentials.

Refer to the specific product pages for details on:

  • Emissions and Immunity (FCC, ICES, CISPR22, EN55022/24, IEC61000)
  • Cellular certification (PTCRB, NAPRD, GCF-CC, R&TTE, EN 301, A-Tick, TIA/EIA-690/98)
  • Other agency approvals (CE, UL 1950, TUV, C-Tick)

Regulatory Compliance (Environmental, Export & Standards)

The product has extensive product compliance, environmental policies and technical partner certifications:

  • REACH Compliance
  • ROHS Statement
  • NERC Compliance   
  • WEEE
  • Conflict Minerals Policy
  • Product CCATS#, ECCN, US HTS and Export License 
  • PCI DSS Compliance
  • FIPS Security Standard
  • RSA SecurID
  • TAA Compliance