Our story

About Al Maria Middle East Technologies

Al Maria Middle East Technologies, Abu Dhabi, UAE was started in January 2010, with a team of ICT enthusiasts who believed in innovating IT world and is now spreading its wings to new horizons of Middle East.

Al Maria Middle East Technologies is a system integrator and finds its strength from a highly experienced and focused technical team. The panel consists of certified engineers of Cisco, Juniper, Huawei, F5, VMWare, HP, IBM, RSA, Mushroom Networks, Microsoft, KEMP, Digium, SolarWinds and Onelan.


Our Mission


Al Maria Middle East Technologies specializes in High Tech Service orientation to meet customer needs of tomorrow and our objective is to provide our customers professional, positive and unparalleled services throughout the project’s lifecycle and beyond.

Al Maria Middle East Technologies,

Company Slogan

We do “IT” for you and you focus on your core business.

Al Maria Middle East Technologies,


To become leading System Integrators.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Every business has its social dimensions, CSR – or Corporate Social Responsibility- is an integral part of our businesses from day one. Striving to become the leaders in the world of technology, Al Maria Middle East Technologies has not overlooked the expectations of its stakeholders, and realizes its social and moral obligations ever so strongly. With a strong sense of corporate social responsibility, we at AMT believe in making a difference in lives – a difference that is able to permeate the very fabric of society towards uplifting the economic well being of the people wherever they are. Our vision is to direct a substantial part of our profit and time towards deserving children from all over the world to our own orphanages and schools where we can facilitate them with the gift of education, skills and a chance to become good human beings and admirable professionals.